Originals for Amazon Prime
The Unofficial app for finding Amazon Prime Video Original Release dates, quickly and easily. Quickly find all scheduled Amazon Prime Video Original release dates, then get notified about changes and updates to the show or movie, including notifications about your favourite actors. With Originals you can be the first person to know about a new season announcement and release date!
Original Content Only!
Use Originals to discover and find the very best original shows and movies in the app & and quickly and easily find newly announced or just released Originals.
Be The First To Know!
Originals will also alert you to new, missed episodes, shows returning from hiatus, new seasons, and more.
Track Watched Progress
Track you watch progress for each of your favourite shows and movies so you never miss an episode.
Stats for Nerds
Get Detailed information on each of your favourite shows or movies. With season and episode ratings you can quickly see when shows are going down hill and avoid watching bad seasons or episodes.
Works Anywhere
Originals just works! Use any and all of your Apple devices with Originals any sync your watch list and watch status to all your devies, without logins or passwords!!!